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8 Favourite Children's Books About The Natural Environment

In a rapidly changing world where technology is at the forefront of our lives, teaching our children about the natural environment is not just beneficial—it's essential.

And what better way to help our children learn about our natural environment than by reading books!

Books have a magical way of opening up new worlds and perspectives, making them the perfect tool to introduce young minds to the beauty and importance of nature. Whether it's exploring the depths of the ocean, wandering through dense forests, or understanding the importance of recycling, there's a book out there to spark that initial curiosity and love for our planet. Here's a roundup of must-read children's books that are perfect for your little environmentalist at home.



Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth


Oliver Jeffers

Perfect for younger readers, this book serves as a guide to living on Earth, covering everything from land and sea to the sky above. Its simple yet profound messages about respect and stewardship of our planet are sure to resonate.

Over and Under the Pond

Kate Messner and Christopher Silas Neal

This book explores the hidden ecosystem of a pond and combines both beautiful illustrations with fascinating facts about the animals and plants that live in and around these waters. It's an engaging way to introduce biodiversity and ecosystems.

Backpack Explorer: On the Nature Trail: What Will You Find?

Kathleen YaleOana Befort, and Kimberly Stoney

What better way to engage children in the wonderful outdoors, than this beautiful field guide that will get kids to engage in hands-on learning about nature through seek-and-find lists, on-the-trail art projects, and discovery games. It's perfect for every kid's backpack!

We are Water Protectors

Carole Lindstrom and Michaela Goade 

This is a beautifully written and illustrated story that will spark meaningful dialogue about conservation and environmental stewardship. It is a story about standing up for what’s right and doing what we can to protect the natural environment.

Blink and Glow

Blink and Glow

Raven Howell and Ann Pilicer

This story does a brilliant job in helping young readers understand that the beauty of the natural world is not something we can take for ourselves, but rather appreciate it from afar and with others.

Wonder Walkers

Micha Archer

This thought-provoking adventure of curiosity will lend a vibrant, new perspective to young readers about the natural world.

The Extraordinary Gardener

Sam Boughton

This book is full of life and imagination and will help readers understand the importance of nature’s growth and its transformative powers in our world.


Books are undeniably a gateway to understanding and appreciating the natural world. By sharing stories with our little ones, we're doing more than entertaining them at bedtime—-we're educating them about the importance of protecting our planet.

What will your next nature adventure be?


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