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Josh Monken

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Josh’s review for the week begins with an assertion that witches can be year-round, not at all limited to Halloween! Casey Lyall’s A SPOONFUL OF FROGS, illustrated super hilariously by Vera Brosgol of LEAVE ME ALONE fame, is among the funniest picture books Josh has ever read. This book is a really great example of the ways in which illustrations and words can become way more than the sum of their parts. Not only is this book a high concept exploration of a witch with a cooking show, but a large part of the book comprises permutations on the phrase “put the frogs in the spoon.” The chase that ensues from the frog scooping challenge is so endearingly frustrating and laugh out loud funny to read that it’s a master class in pacing and tension building. Vera and Casey, come on the podcast sometime please!


Casey Lyall


Vera Brosgol


Greenwillow Books

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