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*We are currently CLOSED for submissions.*
Follow us on social media to find out when we'll be open again!

We look for exciting stories that combine original ideas with solid storytelling concepts that capture children's attention. 

We have a keen interest in:

Non-fiction or informational fiction


We will be accepting submissions soon! 

If you are interested in submitting your work to us, stay tuned as we will be making a submission form available shortly.


Can you submit more than one manuscript? Yes!

Will I hear a response following my submissions? Yes! We will absolutely reply to every submission!

How long will it take to hear about my submission? It depends on the total volume of manuscript submissions, but we’re anticipating no later than 6-8 weeks.

How many stories are you looking to publish? We’re looking for 3-6 new titles (but that changes depending on the stories we receive).

Can I submit a story that wasn’t on your manuscript wish list? Yes, but we are prioritizing those that do.

I am not a Canadian author. Can I still submit to your Canadian Press? Absolutely, and please do! Just keep in mind that we will prioritize Canadian talent in order to comply with national/provincial publishing support programs and initiatives.

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