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Josh Monken

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Considering how much of a slime aficionado his youngest is, it took a while for Josh to finally get around to reading Frances Gilbert’s TOO MUCH SLIME. The most unsatisfying thing about this book, coming from a sci fi fan, is the fact that the mechanism by which the slime self replicates across the town is never explained. But that doesn’t matter. Slime is fun and gloopy and Josh has never seen a better or more fun representation of onomatopoeia in a picture book in all his life. This can be pure fun for fun’s sake and if you just take it at face value is a really worthy read, but the undercurrent of cooperation and community problem solving gives it a great message to stand on that’s way less didactic than it could be. Josh is going to also just ignore the parental trauma inherent in this book that’s inflicted on any grownup who has ever had to use ice cubes to freeze slime out of a carpet or a sweater. Despite that, super entertaining book!


Frances Gilbert


Vin Vogel


Random House Books for Young Readers

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