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Lilly and Leo love to catch fireflies and salamanders and can't wait to bring their glowing nature finds to school the next day—but the bright critters slowly lose their glow. With Grandma's words of wisdom, the children observe the free-flying Luna moth and learn about respect for the freedom of the beautiful natural life surrounding them.

"Raven Howell's story wraps fun, innocence, science, and empathy into one story...Ann Pilicer's lovely illustrations will capture children's attention, and she did a wonderful job of creating the bioluminescent effects in Blink and Glow."

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Reader's Favorite 5-Star Review

"Blink and Glow is a fun-filled picture book with a gentle message about environment and wildlife conservation. In a few pages, author Raven Howell has built an immensely imaginative world filled with a vibrant ecosystem, and you can't help but immerse yourself in this wondrous setting. "

We plant trees for every book sold!

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In addition to supporting reforestation efforts across North America, a portion of the sales from this book will go to support :

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