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It's our first official #MSWL!

We're doing things differently.

It's our first official manuscript wishlist! And it's going to be a good one! 


And we're thinking of doing this a bit differently: Instead of spending millions of dollars on a graphic or animation (jokes), we want this wishlist to have a positive impact somehow… so we're revealing while picking up garbage!! Also, Happy Earth Day!

Note: For those who might be wondering "What on Earth (Earth day pun intended) is an MSWL?" Well, the quick answer is that it's a wishlist of story topics and themes that we're REALLY interested in for our next publishing titles.


First, we are generally looking for non-fiction and informational children's stories. But with that said, we never entirely rule out fiction (but for fiction, we're looking for wild and wacky stories that pack a punch). We especially love stories that have lots of layers, are inclusive, and offer diverse representation! 


Now for the meat and potatoes:

  1.  As you might have guessed, we're looking for stories about environmental stewardship and/or conservation.

  2. Next up: topics covering autism awareness.

  3. Books that deal with coping: any story that can help young readers cope with different circumstances throughout life.

  4. Unlikely heroes (or whatever that means to you).

  5. Outdoor adventures

  6. ....


And for the last one, well, we're doing something special for that too. We're announcing this through our Instagram MSWL post, so make sure to watch our Instagram pos till the end!

But wait, there's more!

For every 10 new followers on our Instagram account from now until April 28th, we'll plant a tree. And even if we don't get any new followers… we're still planting trees (you can't stop us).


For those asking when submissions will be opening, subscribe to our mailing list on our website. We'll be announcing that very shortly (spoiler: it will be before the Summer). We'll also announce it over social media, but subscribers get dibs on details.

Hot take: You know how when you have a messy room or need to clean something up, you finally get to it and feel that big sigh of relief? Picking up garbage is like that, but better! Yeah, it's strange but immensely awesome. It's like cleaning the room, except we all share it. It feels great. 

11/10 recommended!



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