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Kathi Q. gets a starred review!

What a pleasure it is to announce that 'Kathi Q. Builds A Time Machine?' has received its first starred review from Reader's Favourite Reviews. Check out her review below!

Check out here.

The Review: "In Kathi Q. Builds a Time Machine? by Jo-Ann Scranton we are introduced to a bright little girl who loves creating different types of machines, whether it’s taking things apart and putting them back together. On this particular day, Kathi had the idea to make a time machine. The idea of creating such an object excited the little girl and she quickly went to work. However, when she tried it out, she soon realized that something was wrong. Instead of a time machine, she created a machine that flipped the world upside down. As cool as this was, Kathi soon learned that so many issues arise with living in a world that is upside down. The biggest question is can she fix it or is her world going to be upside down forever?

I think Jo-Ann Scranton did a wonderful job with Kathi Q. Builds a Time Machine? It’s fun and whimsical with a cute setting and a well-written main character that I feel kids will love. I think we all wished at some time for a time machine for various reasons. Kathi is a bright and intelligent girl and I feel that also sends a message to kids that nothing is impossible. If Kathi could figure out how to make such a complex and futuristic device, maybe they will too when they are older. Gabi Moraes did a beautiful job with the illustrations. These are brightly colored, making the story very

compelling to the young reader. I will definitely be recommending this book and I can’t wait to read more of Scranton’s work."


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